Wedding DJ Options

We plan the event together and select the right music for all your special moments. Currently, we offer you packages based on the pricing below.  Packages, ensure you the right service for your day without the confusion of piecing things together. As the expert with many years in this business, I know what it takes to make your event the best it can be. Packages consist of The Main System, plus one of the four  Dance Lighting options, plus Uplighting, and then combo discounts are given based on the dance lighting choice. Including a system for your ceremony, your cost can be less than $2000. Without a ceremony system, even less.  Use the Contact Us page to request more info.

- Main System -


Four-Hour Event – This is where it all starts.  It includes a professional sound system and microphones capable for your size of event.  The system will include two wireless microphones for speeches and toasts.  This may be the perfect solution for small events in daylight.  Add enhancement add-ons below to make your event come to life at night.


*Each hour beyond 4 hours, $100.

*Above 250 guests, add $200

- Dance Lighting -


Dance lighting includes lighting mounted on an aluminum truss.  Lights include par cans to wash the dance floor with colorful light, moving heads that create a dynamic atmosphere for your dance floor, and our signature classic mirror ball centered among all of it.  From banquet halls to barns, this set up fits right in and makes an unbelievable positive difference in the energy on the dance floor.  Three sizes available depending on your needs and tastes.


*Package discount available when combined with the DJ Service and one other enhancement add-on. Ask for details.

- Uplighting -


Uplighting is the most popular option.  By covering your reception space with rich light of your choice of color, uplighting can transform a room from a boring white to the color of your choice. Uplighting is a great way to create atmosphere and turn turn an ordinary hall into a unique and fun place.


Uplighting can be dynamic as well, changing colors with the music as the night roars on into dancing.


*Discount available when combined with the DJ Service and one other enhancement add-on. Ask for details.



Our photobooth adds a lot of fun for guests before dinner.  It will keep your guest entertained and having fun during your wedding party pictures between ceremony and dinner.  Others that do not dance much, or need a quick break, will enjoy it throughout the night. 


*Discount available when combined with the DJ Service and one other enhancement add-on.  Ask for details.

- Ceremony Sound System -


Supplemental audio equipment to supply the music and microphones for your ceremony. Your guests will be able to hear every word of your ceremony. I have multiple options for mics depending on what the officiant would like: headset, lapel, mic on a stand, or handheld.  This system can run completely unplugged with no electrical power required for venues with little or no available power.


I understand that your wedding is the REASON for everything else.  I treat your ceremony as one of, if not the most important parts of the day.  With this mindset, you'll experience attention to detail and an audio system with wireless capabilities, that I dare to say, is unrivaled in Ohio or surrounding states.


For your Wedding Ceremony, do you need an add-on sound system at a different location or room (for ceremony music, lapel microphone for the officiant, etc.)?  It is my experience that wedding couples  want their guests to be able to hear the ceremony.  With this service, you get a Spark representative AT YOUR REHEARSAL along with the chosen wedding music.  This service allows the wedding party to practice and become familiar with the cues for the wedding day.  In addition, we will time and cue all members of the wedding party on your wedding day. This exclusive service helps take away the stress from you and helps your wedding party get it right.


Contact us so that we may completely understand your needs for this important detail.  We can accommodate you even in areas with no electrical power.


Cold Sparks


Cold Sparks can be added to any package. Cold Sparks are great for highlighting a first dance, a grand entrance, or a sparkler exit.  They can be used at various points throughout the reception such as build-ups in songs or highlights in dance music to add extra energy to the reception. 

I offer package discounts when combining multiple add-ons.

Lighting packages examples below.

Package 1

Small but effective lighting package.  Classy clean look with great dance floor coverage.



Package 2

Our medium sized lighting package.  Overhead truss holding various lighting fixtures such as moving heads, par cans, and a classic mirror ball.  Package 3 is a larger version, doubling the size of Package 2 for guest counts of 200+.

Package 4

Our largest truss system.  This variation can span most dance floors and immerse you and your guests in colorful dance lighting.  There is really nothing else like it. 

Two videos below show how our controlled lighting can level-up your experience.  You will see this is the same venue and same lighting rig.  Care is taken to make the lighting fit the vibe at the moment.  There are no crazy flashing lights while you are in the middle of your slow dance, but yet it enhances the experience!  Yet, as the song drops into a break, the lighting can follow along and enhance the music.

Personalized Special Event Packages / Enhancements

School Dances

Sound and dance floor lighting for any size crowd is possible!

I will meet you at the site of the event.  We will discuss your specific needs.  Then, I will complete a site inspection, including loading in, out, electrical, and space requirements and restrictions, and I will give my opinion and recommendations.  Once I have a the details, I will email you a quote based on our discussions and meeting.

Company Parties

Sound and dance floor lighting is possible for any size of group!

For many events, I will meet you at the site of the event.  We will discuss your vision for the event.  Then, I will complete a site inspection, including loading in, out, electrical, and space requirements/restictions, and give my opinion and recommendations.  Once I have a the details figured out, I will give you a quote based on our discussion.


For those that need a photobooth without DJ services, this is your package. Our enclosed photo booth will fit up to 10 people inside! It can deliver 2x6 photostrips to your guests and digital copies for you to keep. The prices include props and operator:

$995 for up to 8 hours.


The photobooth is a big hit and keeps your guests entertained during cocktail hour, and anytime someone needs a quick break from dancing.


Uplighting for your event,  16 uplights in easily transportable roadcases, $400 for one day.  Our uplighting is wireless.  This allows our uplights to be placed almost anywhere, even if there is no power outlet nearby.

All rates shown apply to most situations.  In some circumstances, the rates listed on this page will not apply because of special considerations.

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