Additional Information

These are important considerations for your wedding, and will help you find the right DJ for you.  The following are details I have found to be not only nice, and necessary, but vital to ensuring the best day ever!


A written agreement.
A written agreement establishes my obligation to you and outlines what is expected by outlining the setup requirements and other related factors.

Will you be the DJ at our wedding?
Yes! Barring some emergency or illness, but otherwise, yes, absolutely, yes.

Meeting before we sign the agreement.
I would love to meet you before we agree to work together.  In fact, if you already have the venue picked, it would be great to meet there.  At that point, we could start envisioning the layout for your reception.  In addition, I like to meet again at least four weeks before your event.


Holding the date.
I will hold your date for two weeks.  After that, I will send you one friendly reminder. Then, after two days, the date becomes available


Reception location.
Familiarity with your reception site is important. Venues all have unique situations.  Set up procedures, electrical variations, acoustic anomalies and room layouts pose challenges.  I like to meet with you at least one time at the venue to help with the floor plan and adequately prepare for your event.

The DJ company.
I own Spark Entertainment Services, LLC.  I have a real interest in providing the best service that I can.  I do not use subcontracted DJs to handle my events.


I am experienced and have been in the business of DJing professionally since 1991.  I love music and truly enjoy reading the crowd and playing the type of music that the majority is loving - That could be brand new top 40 hits, country, or classics.  I take pride in my work, and I spend a great deal of time before your reception planning and reviewing music that is specific for your reception, helping to create a reception that is tailored to your tastes and individuality.  Once your event is underway, I take care to initiate direction and flow of it so you don't have to.  All this is based on our pre-event meetings and conversations.  I dedicate an average of 40 hours to your reception, and take care of the event so that no one is guessing what is going on.


Music requests.
I like to have this information far enough in advance so that I can adequately prepare for your event. However, I am willing to accommodate any later changes or additions whenever possible.  Last minute changes always happen and I am happy to not only accommodate them, but embrace them and make it happen for you.  I always ask the bride and groom to text or email ideas for songs they like to dance to as they think of them in order to include your unique choices and tastes into the mix.  That could be a year before the reception or a week.  More information is better. 

Guests' requests.
I am happy to do so, but you should also feel confident that any request they make, if played,  would fit in line with your requests and would be appropriate.

“Do Not Play” list.
It is important for me that I do not play songs that may bring up bad memories, be sensitive, or maybe associated with a prior significant-other.  I welcome these requests as one more step to helping you with your "best day ever."

Arrival times are planned according to the type of event.  In most cases, at least four hours are needed before the scheduled start time.


Just a small deposit and agreement is required to reserve your date.  The balance doesn't need to be paid until two weeks prior to your reception. I accept cash, money orders, cashier's checks and personal checks. I also offer a payment plan to help you pay your balance each month leading up to your reception.

A few things are required that you’ll need to provide. The most common things are adequate shelter, and electricity.  I own quiet generators and tents.  They are available if needed, but are  not transported to the venue unless I plan for it prior to the event.

A full liability insurance policy protects you and the reception site in the unlikely event that one of your guests gets injured by the equipment or  your reception site is damaged.

Only top quality, professional-level equipment is used, such as Alto, American DJ, Behringer, Cerwin Vega, Chauvet, Crown, Electro Voice, Lightwave Research, Mackie, Numark, Pioneer, and Shure.  Inferior equipment, or home equipment often used in an effort to cut costs, can result in hum, static, inadequate bass, distortion, and generally poor sound quality.

Backup equipment.
A full backup system is on site and available for every event.  The gear is top quality and professional equipment, but it is man-made.  In case of a failure of any piece, a backup replacement will be on site.

Wireless microphones.
High end mics are used for great sounding intelligible speech.  No "mic drops" please.  Each of my microphones cost hundreds of dollars.

In my experience, most weddings need (and most people want) dance floor lighting.  Proper dance floor lighting add a fun/party dimension to the music, no matter how good the music is.


Some are booking as far as two years in advance, with the majority still about one year in advance.  To best guarantee your date of choice, book as soon as you feel comfortable.                 


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