DJ Michael (Sully)

I have been in the music business for over 20 years. Music styles have come and gone, and although I have DJ'd countless receptions, dances, and parties, I still love nothing more than keeping the crowd dancing and moving all night.

Through my many years of experience, I have not only become an expert in terms of music and lighting, but also in organizing the event. I can provide you with a lot of valuable advice.  When you hire me, you get my years of experience in addition to the best in quality equipment.  


I love rocking weddings and helping you make your day "the best day ever!"  I would love to meet with you to talk more about how awesome your reception will be! Just contact me by filling out the contact form so that we can talk about details and your vision for your day.  

I have had music in my blood my whole life.  I grew up at a roller skating rink, literally!  My parents owned a roller rink, Canton Skateland, and we lived right there on the property.  That is where I get my love of music and “groovin’" to it!! LOL.  I remember cruising around the floor moving to the music.  So. Much. Fun!


The skating rink closed when I was 13 years old, and then I had access to a lot of pro audio equipment, speakers, amplifiers, turntables, etc.  I loved messing around with the equipment, and in high school, started DJing high school dances with some of it. What you see today grew organically from that.


I was a speed skater way back then and excelled at the distance races.  At 13, my parents got out of the business, although I stayed with it, skating for the Akron Rollercade Speed Team for a few more years.  By the time I turned 16, I left skating behind me, opting for a part time job.  With a job, I could buy audio gear, and I did!


Many years later, I am still at it.  It’s the same as always, just some different music and different gear.  Things change and get better.  It’s so awesome.  

Years later, I picked up more distance racing, although not on skates.  I have found a love for running to keep in shape, and I have become pretty good at it. I qualified and ran the Boston Marathon many times, Chicago Marathon, and New York City Marathon.  Locally, I have run the Cleveland, and Columbus Marathons, and the Akron Marathon as one of the Elite runners many times.  I was invited to join the Vertical Runner Race Team back in 2014, and love to show up on race day wearing my race team gear.


Not only does running keep me in shape, it helps me feel better for your event!

My Akron Marathon Promo photo from the fall.

When I’m not running my own races, I really like to pace, half marathons.  Pacing is running a relatively easy pace compared to ones race pace and helping others along that may be attempting to reach a certain finish time or goal, offering encouragement and guidance along the way.  So, I am also a member of the Vertical Runner Pace Team.  


I am married to DeDe and have two great kids – twins, as a matter of fact.  You may meet DeDe if you have the photobooth. She runs it most often and helps your guests with anything they need.  My kids are amazing!  Grace just recently graduated from Kent State with a Bachelor’s degree in photography, and Owen is a manager at the Wooster Lowe’s. 


Oh, and you see three pups.  I do really adore the pups. We have Daphne, Dexter, and Daniel.  My kids named them.  They are my buddies!



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