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Sometimes it's got to be something special; your wedding day is one of those!  Book Spark Entertainment Services LLC for your absolute best reception. Call, email, or text now to secure your date.



Whether you are planning a wedding, micro wedding,  private party, or any other event, there are many questions to be asked.  Some of the most common questions are listed and answered below.  For answers to more detailed questions, call or text me at 330-575-1777.


Why use a disc jockey?


Variety – People like to dance to music they are familiar with.  We have a wide variety of music and Spark plays the popular versions and great remixes of what your guests like to dance to.


Cost – Using a DJ can mean a lower cost to you as compared to live music performers, with the advantage of all the original versions of your favorite music.  You may even have money left over to  upgrade other details.


Sound – A DJ can tailor the sound level very easily.  We can provide music for cocktail and dinner while lowering the sound levels during to allow your guests to chat comfortably.  The sound system can also be adjusted to fit the room, making the sound pleasing to you and your guests.


How will we know the order of events?


We will meet with you in person to go over the order of events and help you decide and complete the checklist.  The very best location to meet is the reception hall, if possible.  At the hall, we can discuss, “see,” and plan the set-up and events for the night of your reception.  From the start of your function to its conclusion, we will handle your event professionally and smoothly.  You will be able to sit back, relax, have fun, and let us take care of the order of events.  We realize that planning and coordination are required with caterers and photographers.  We will take the initiative to coordinate all events with other reception professionals to provide a smooth and enjoyable night.


What type of audio and lighting equipment will Spark use?


Only professional top-level equipment is used, such as Crown Amplifiers, DBX, Denon Professional, Electro Voice Speakers, Pioneer DJ, RCF Column Arrays, and Shure Microphones.  We do not cut corners when it comes to your sound quality.


Spark has a lot of lighting.  Will it fit in?


Not all the special effect lighting is on at the same time, nor is it required.  Additionally, while we always like to use lighting at any event that involves dancing, we do so at times that it fits the situation.  For example, we may use subtle stars moving around the dance floor during your slow dances.  Late in the evening as the party is roaring, there could be hundreds of beams of colorful light and moving through the air.  Every reception is unique and we will tailor the lighting, not just the music, to fit the occasion.


What music will be played at the reception?


We play music with tremendous mass appeal as well as appropriate requests.  At our meeting we can discuss music related specifics.  For example, sometimes it is bad to hear a great song because of your personal reasons.  Details like that are important to create your best night ever!

selfie with the new bride and groom!

The wedding party leading the line dance.

This bride is

leading the way!


Uplighting is a great way to create atmosphere and turn a drab hall into an enchanted palace.  By covering your event space with rich light of your choice of color, you can turn an ordinary hall into a unique and fun place.

Large Set-up
The wedding reception set up at The Ponds Venue.
Set up and ready an hour before the event.

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